Poll shows Sino-Japanese relationship improving

A post in the China Digital Times reports that reposndents to a poll conducted in China and Japan say that relations between the two countries are improving.

When asked what they thought of the current Sino-Japanese relationship, 42.5 percent of Chinese students and 56 percent of Chinese residents said it was “good” or “relatively good”, up 34.3 percent and 31 percent respectively from last year, while in Japan they were up 6.5 percent and 28.8 percent respectively.

Wonder what the results would show if the same poll were conducted in Korea, considering rising anti-Korean sentiment in China. Or Korea Japan ties, considering Dokdo.


Beef fallout: Online witch-hunt and drunken stabbings

A story in Korea Beat relates the arrest of activists who organized an online boycott of those companies advertising in media outlets that published stories critical of the anti-beef protests that erupted in May.

As per the translation from Korea Beat:

Prosecutors are pushing back against participants in the boycott of companies that advertise in the Chosun Ilbo, Joongang Ilbo and Dong-Ah Ilbo, revoking their right to travel abroad, seizing property from them and serving them with subpeonas in a heavy-handed investigation.

The boycott, titled ” “Media Consumers’ Movement Citizen Campaign,” appeared on the Internet portal Daum Cafe, which has itself become the target of a revision seeking to make public the identities of Korean netizens.

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