Reflections on 9/11

I remember a scene from the Vietnam War documentary Hearts and Minds, where the interviewer is speaking with a former Air Force pilot, a young bearded country boy living in the backwoods somewhere, maybe trying to forget what he’d seen – and done. At one point during the interview a man behind the camera asks, “Do you think we’re learning from our experience in Vietnam?” To which the pilot responds, “I think we’re trying not to.”


S. Korea a “Republic of suicide”

A string of articles appeared the other day in Korean media, timed with World Suicide Prevention Day on Wednesday, reporting that Korea ranked highest among OECD member states in terms of its suicide rate. Commentators expressed bitterness over the grim statistics.

the suicide rate in South Korea surged by 90.8 percent in the 1997-2007 period… More surprising is that suicide emerged as the fourth biggest cause of death in South Korea. It was eighth in 1997.

More shocking is the fact that, according to a recent study, nearly sixty percent of middle and high school students in Korea say they have contemplated suicide at one point in their lives.

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