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A Torch for North Korean Refugees
Apr 26, 2008
While the protests that have dogged the Olympic torch around the globe have been focused on Beijing’s handling of Tibet, little has been said about China’s treatment of North Korean refugees.

The Pope and The Buddha
Apr 22, 2008
The spiritual impact of the Pope’s visit to the US is simply lost on me until I stop to ponder a brief meeting I had recently with two Buddhist monks here in Korea.

Letter From Seoul: Tibet Protests Recall Korea’s Independence Movement
Mar 17, 2008
Tibetan protesters demanding independence remind the writer of another struggle further to the east – the effort of Koreans to free themselves from Japan a century ago.

New Christian President Rattles Korea’s Buddhist Nerves
Mar 13, 2008
South Korea’s newly elected President, nicknamed “the Bulldozer”, has laid out ambitious growth plans that threaten the country’s sacred Buddhist temples and lands and Buddhists’ deep reverence for the environment.

Koreans Vote Their Pocketbooks in Presidential Election
Dec 19, 2007
South Korea has elected the economic reformer, Myung Bak Lee, for president in the lowest ever turnout. Barely half of the nation’s eligible voters turned up at the polls.

Korean Elections Mired in Oil and Corruption
Dec 18, 2007<
Koreans go to the polls today with scandals, economic woes, and environmental disaster looming over the process. Many ordinary workers are placing their hopes on the frontrunner, and former Seoul mayor, Myung Bak Lee.

Turkish Invasion Threatens South Korean Troops in Iraq
Nov 02, 2007
South Korea’s diplomatic ties with the United States and Turkey puts 1,200 South Korean troops in the Kurdish province of Irbil in a sticky situation — as Turkey prepares for an invasion of what has been Iraq’s most stable area.

Thumb People Could Decide South Korean Elections
Oct 22, 2007
Lowering the voting age to 19 and introducing voting by text message in a country where 87 percent of the population own cell phones might just engage a whole new generation in the electoral system in South Korea. But could the “thumb generation” also turn presidential elections into American Idol?

Globalized Koreans See a Lonely America
Oct 10, 2007
As Korea, once called the ‘Hermit Kingdom,’ is becoming global, America now appears increasingly isolationist.

Despite Nuclear Breakthrough, South Koreans Skeptical Over Closer Ties
Oct. 3, 2007<
North Korea’s decision to dismantle its nuclear facilities under U.S. guidance – a move that essentially removes the country from its status as part of the so-called “axis of evil” — followed another historic breakthrough: the South Korean president’s recent trip to North Korea.

Art Exhibit Stirs Controversy Among Korean Americans
Aug 27, 2007
A controversial art exhibit at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum has drawn criticism from the Korean-American community that feels its history is misrepresented by Japan and the West. But the line between art and history is a fine line to draw.

South Korean Embassies in China Turn Away Escapees from North
Jan 25, 2007
South Koreans are outraged at the reported mistreatment of several South Koreans citizens by their own embassy in China after they fled North Korea, report the Korean-language Chosun Daily and the Korea Times.

History Repeats in Korea
Dec 14, 2006
On Dec.18th, the second stage of the fifth round of the six party talks on North Korea’s nuclear program and will open in Beijing.

Fall of Scientist Underlines South Korea’s Search for a Hero
Dec 30, 2005
Through Korean media, Web sites and blogs, South Koreans are asking how a scientist who faked his stem-cell research could have become a national hero.


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